Friday, May 10, 2013

Life Line Screening Tests Carotid Artery Disease

My GP thinks highly of the relatively inexpensive Life Line Screening tests for identifying risk area early. These are not covered by Medicare (why not?) but are based on finding risk areas and correlating them to the Framingham Study for  risks identified there. I had a set done on April 26, 2013 and have just gotten back the results. The first is for Carotid Artery Disease.

The result is a "Mild" risk. I was obviously hoping for "Normal" but at least did not get "Moderate" or "Significant' finding. The "Mild" risk is associates with a PSV flow volume of less than 110cm/s on both the left and right side. Here is a learned discussion about velocities, age, and hypertension.

The Screening Results report define the risk as "Mild - Small amount of plaque. Blood flow still normal. Blood velocity  less than 110.This also gets into the question of how a stress test can mask issues with conditioned athletes. The regular test doesn't get them to where there may be an issue. 

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