Friday, May 10, 2013

Life Line Heart Risk Assessment

"High Risk" (Red) at "Greater than 30" where that's percent. As I read it, I have a 30% chance of a heart incident in the next ten years. I will come back to this. The Orange County Heart Institute also gave this as a result. It comes from correlating know risk factors from the Framingham Study with my known risk factors, including heart issues in the family. The question is whether this is still 30% given my response including medication, exercise and diet. I'm hoping to hear my GP say that my risk is now lower than 30%. This may be tantamount to checking to see whether there has been a roll back of heart plaque from my last test at the Orange County Heart Insitute. My GP may say "You clearly have risk but we are addressing it in every way possible. It is less than it would otherwise have been. Surely, but is it less than 30% over the next ten years?

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