Friday, May 10, 2013

Life Line Complete Lipid Panel

I had already had a panel done the previous day (see earlier post). But this came with the package so I went with it even though I had not fasted. This elevated some of the readings.

Total Cholesterol: 156 which is "Desirable" (Green).
HDL is only 34 (and lower than the 39 of the earlier test) and is reg-flagged.

This of course is the familial predisposition (hyperlipoprotenemia type ????) which I share with my brother. Low HDL, average overall Cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, elevated LDL's -- and probably small trait LDL's - the small, gritty kind. Omega3 can help bump that up to 40 and slightly more, but the 50's are probably out of reach, though maybe niacin can do it.

But I've shown 40's previously and the last result was 39 and my GP though the profile was fine.

Triglycerides are shown as borderline here but probably because I wasn't fasting. With the Trilipix they are typically within the "Normal" range which is shown here as <150 .="" p="">
So the lipid panel can yield a "Desirable" result. The lingering question is whether this reflects the same state was the same test finding without drugs.

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