Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life Line Coronary Heart Disease

"High" (41-70). 58 is my risk score. It would help to know the units. It looks like a spectrum from 0-100.

0-20 Low
21-40 Moderate
41-70 High
71-100 Very High

It looks like a big leap to get from 58 back down to 40 which is moderate. According to the Orange County Heart scan, I'm in a "High" category. Check back to the beginnng of this blog or click here to see their results. Although I don't remember the time line, there was a 1 in 5 chance of a heart incident with it. Another measure suggested I was 21 times more likely to have a heart attack if left untreated. Again, time frame and specific treatment need to be specified. The heart risk assessment of Life Line showed a 30% chance of heart risk in the next ten years.

My GP (and others) hold the position that some reversal can occur with plaque build up in the heart. But the test to establish that is both expensive ($300 last count) and adds more radiation, of which I have probably had my share. I remain curious. My GP did suggest a full body scan (to look for hidden issues that he can't feel directly) and that would include a retest of the heart scan. That's about $600.

But whatever the scan would show, the current medication would still be prescribed. In other words, since the results would not affect the treatment, the tests are not medically indicated.

Of course lifestyle including diet are still variables. Losing 15 pounds would be a good thing. A still better diet would be a good thing. A question for my GP is if I lost those pounds and became a vegetarian would the "58" change? In six months? In a year?

Even if there is no reinforcement, a response to that number might well involve weight loss and diet changes.

What if I lost an inch on my waist and reduced the BMI 10%? Would the CHD indicator come down? That would be a nice reinforcement.

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