Sunday, October 16, 2016

Holding Steady - 10 Pounds Lighter

I saw my endocrinologist October 11th and was released to my GP. In effect, there was nothing more that she could add at this point. Bottom line: I need to lose another ten pounds at least. There is no medication than can improve my current state.

That's not so bad. My cholesterol is in the 160's. My HDL's are too low - 37 this past time around, only off 3 from normal. My LDL's could be lower - I'm remembering the 77 I achieved earlier. However, I did have some issues with skin allergies to the statin I'm taking - now a generic form of Crestor at 2.5mg/day. There may be some sun sensitivity there. I'm hoping that if I cover up that I won't see the eruptions on my arms and hands and I can keep the current medication. Maybe in the winter, I can alternate between the 2.5 and 5 mg/day. That would help directly with the LDL's. If I lose another ten pounds, I might be able to dispense with the finofribrate that has kept my triglycerides (almost) in the normal range.

I feel good. My heart rate recovery is good as shown by my new gadget, the Garmin Vivoactive. The heart rates dovetails with the starting and stopping on my bike rides perfectly. I got a new battery for my Polar 810 and checked my Ownindex. It is down to 41 from 43 about a year ago. Still excellent for my age. It predicted a maximum heart rate of 146, however, way down from the 168 last time. I think I will use 160 as the maximum for my Vivoactive.

I'll update my spreadsheet of test results, but it has remained remarkably consistent. My endocrinologist said that I had a shot at the A/B (the buoyant versus the dense, grity lipids). But that could only come from weight loss. There is a big convergence here, so I am working on the next 10 pounds, maybe by early next year. I achieved a recent "low" of 193 a day or so ago. That would be 12 pounds from earlier this year.

I'm now counting calories - at least for now. I can avoid the 1,000 calorie dish if I know I can feel as good with a 200-300 calorie substitute.

I've meant to add some LA Fitness workouts during the week as well, to strengthen my upper body and to continue strengthening the muscles around my left knee. I need to practice going up and down stairs. Today, though, I'm planning to do the Mills loop.

"Steady as she goes" is the tag line of the day. That and counting calories.