Friday, November 30, 2012

Took my most recent lipid profile after getting back from two months in China. I'd lost ten pounds, as expected, so I was curious to see what my results would be. I hadn't made a projection this time but it would have been along the lines of Overall Cholesterol - 150; HDL - 45; Triglycerides - 125; LDL - 100. I had not been taking Niaspan but had been pretty conscientious with the 2.5 Crestor. I had run out of Trilipix for a few days, though restarted it before the test on 11/21/12. In fact, I did not do as well. Overall Cholesterol was up to 187; HDL a mere 35 (lower than it had been for some time), while Triglycerides were up to 153. LDL: 126! My doctor, however, thought these were just fine and didn't recommend any changes of medication. However, I doubt that I was at the "reversal" level that I had hoped for. I still toy with the full body scan at Orange County, but that's $600 and a lot of radiation. But it is the only way to "see" whether the medication is actually working. Decisions: I'm most surprised about the 35 HDL. It could be because I was light on the Trilipix. But it could also be the "training" or habituation effect that I've been expecting at some point. I think I will start taking 500mg of Niaspan at night. That will at least begin the build-up process and may be enough to have an effect. I won't take more Omega-3. I'm tolerating 4 grams well. I had been skimpy on the Zetia before the test. I don't think that was the difference but it couldn't hurt and may be good for bowel health (results similar, but less, to psyllium). No more Crestor than 2.5/day. I'm glad 2.5 has an effect. I'd rather not be on statins at all. Same with Trilipix. Glad my prescription is only one/day. That leaves Niaspan, so I'll give it go. Psyllium as a sequestant might be helpful, too. Maybe I can start with a low dosage, say a tablespoon a day with half a Kalenite pill. Build up to 2 tablespoons/day (in juice) by the time of the next test, which will probably be in eight months, or some time in July, 2013.