Sunday, May 12, 2013

Life Line Discussion Stroke

79 is "Very High" (and very troubling). See earlier post.

The folks at Orange County Heart Institute said that 70% is "in the genes" leaving only 30% for medication and lifestyle. I've maxed out on drugs for lipids, so that leaves only lifestyle. I've maxed out pretty much on exercise (except for frequency), so that leaves diet. Everything is coming down to diet.

In China, I lose 5 pounds/month. Can I institute the "China Diet" here? Maybe the Vegan Before 6 would work.

I like categories. Dairy? Snacks? Bread? Salt?

I certainly can cut down on salt by cutting out open-ended salty snacks.

But what would be an associated goal? 15 pounds over the next three months; plus less salt. Also, exercise every day to diminish BP spiking. Could that translate into a "High" rather than "Very High"?
Shoot doing this by Fall. If I go to China there could be additional benefits.

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