Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Update

Just had my blood drawn today for the spring lipid panel, the last time being in December, or about 4 months. I'll be posting about the results when I get them, which might be as early as tomorrow.

In the meantime, I added a Twitter/Tweet panel on this blog. You can see it on the right hand side. This searches for recent tweets on lipid topics (like "LDL", "HDL", etc.) and displays them, looping through the six most recent. I plan to refine this when I have a better sense of who is updating lipid profile information and recommendations.

In February I posted a set of predictions if I could stay on my regime. Here are those recommendations:
  • 149 CHL (within VitalImaging Recommendation)
  • 99 Trigycerides (within VitalImaging Recommendation)
  • 78 LDL (close to the recommended 70)
  • 54 HDL - if I tolerate 4 Niaspans (ballpark with regard to the recommended 60)
My diet wasn't good the day before -- sausage links for starters, but I've stuck to my meds pretty well. Didn't feel like upping the Niaspan to 4 the night before, but I'm tolerating 3 okay. Took Zetia and 2.5/mg Crestor to complete the regime. I'd say 50 was more likely for HDL; 85 for LDL's; 100 for Triglycerides; 150 overall CHL. We'lll see. That would be good and I can up the Niaspan to 4 if need be and work more on my diet.

Another variable is weight. I was at least 10 pounds lighter in December. I had good numbers even though I was not taking Crestor - except in HDL - just 39. I was only taking one Niaspan a day. So my weight is up, but so is medication.

There is a very slight downward trend in BP since return from China due to more regular exercise. The baseline begins in July, 2010 before my departure to China in late August. See above.

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