Sunday, April 24, 2011


I looked back over my liver enzymes history and found nothing out of the ordinary. Some highs and lows, but not too far out of the envelope except for this last test result for Akaline Phosphatase. A quick look at the websites give the following as the usual causes of low ALK PHOs:

"Reduced alkaline phosphatase levels are associated with a number of conditions including zinc deficiency; folic acid deficiency; low levels of phosphorus; vitamin B6 deficiency; vitamin C deficiency; excessively high vitamin D intake; malnutrition involving inadequate protein assimilation (this can also be caused by hypochlorhydria – low production of stomach acid); Celiac disease; hypothyroidism; anaemia or inadequate parathyroid gland function."

I have been taking Vitamin D supplements, but only as a result of low Vitamin D which my endrocrinologist saw a couple of lab tests ago. I'm taking Folic Acid supplements. Maybe I need to add B6? The rest don't "hunt" in my opinion. I've had my thyroid tested and it is normal, unlike my brother's which is low. Will check this at next GP visit.

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