Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Postscript - Liver Enzymes, Own Index

I hadn't been taking more than 1 Niaspan/day before this last round of tests, Nevertheless, I did have an elevated SGPT (ALT) of 49 where 39 is the high end of normal. The Dr. noted this, but did not seem concerned.

In 1984, I overdosed on Niacin and drove this reading way up. Hard to forget it. I had nausea and vomitting with that. No symptoms this time. The Trilipix and Crestor may have caused this.

My ALT PHOS is low, but Dr. said no problem to that when it happened before. (39 when 50 is the lower end of normal.)

My OwnIndex is 40 on my Polar i810. Hard to get that much higher. I got up to 43 around the time of the last Cycle Oregon.

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