Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January Tests - Follow Up

Generally good news. My Triglycerides are fine at 110; VLDL at 23.

I might be able to get the HDL up a bit from 44. Probably 50 is MAX, 60, just dreaming. That is the VitalImaging goal. My Dr. believes anything over 45 is okay.

The blood work (Hematology) showed elevated MCV and MCH levels. This COULD indicate Vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency. Or not. I am, however, increasing my TJ's folic acid (under the tongue) pills to 2 a day.

I also showed a relatively low (45.5 where 50 is the low end of normal) Neutrophil % reading. This could indicate low white blood cells and hence less immunity. The Dr. didn't mention this as an issue, however. Not sure how best to build up immunity. Will be thinking about that.

I haven't been taking enough Vitamin D. I will up the amount to 4 capsules a day from 2 of my non-prescription TJ's source.

Interestingly, the test shows that I have been supplementing my Vitamin D, but not enough. 17 is my result where 30-100 is the normal range. I am diagnosed as deficient in D.

The result, 17, is a sum of both endogenous and exogenous sources. The latter is shown as <4 for me, so the most D I am generating is (17-4) or 13. So I will work on this. There is no issue with going up to more than 4/day.

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  1. I've since learned that Vitamin D build up is good for increased immunity. That may have been why the MCV and MCH levels were elevated. Thay may go down with more D. I'll try to remember to check this when I get my February '13 tests back.