Friday, February 5, 2016

A Note on Diabetes Type II

I note that among my carefully organized medical "problems" as diagnosed by my endocrinologist, "Type 2 diabetes mellitus without complications" has appeared. Will check to see whether the A1c put me over the threshold.

This has long been on the back burner and is associated with "metabolic syndrome," "insulin resistance" (for which my Kaiser doctor actually treated me), and NASH, the "fatty liver" syndrome. Maybe also "gluten belly.

The key question is how they bear on my LDL and liver weakness. (No kidney weakness, yet.)

All of these can be helped by weight loss. I'll enter my lab work into my excel file and take a look. My impression though is that there are not dramatic changes.

My endocrinologist's take on the high ferritin is "long standing-therefore unlikely due to malignancy." We'll see what diet and the cleanse from milk thistle will do.

She also noted a slight improvement between my last two lipid panels and suggested it just might be because of the diet and liver cleanse.

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