Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Component: Diet

The Scramble
I had an hour-plus meeting with my new endocrinologist's dietitian. Our shared philosophy: "Eat as much as you want, but eat the right foods." Here I remember my experience in China vividly. I ate as much as I wanted, but still lost five pounds a month. At the end of my longest stay there - three months - I lost fifteen pounds. The trick, of course, is to do it here.

She gave me four pages of recommendations, about which I'll be posting in the future. I'd like to highlight here, however, the "Scramble."

This is a variation. I started with  about a half sliced white onion, garlic, part of a sliced yellow pepper, and some sliced green onions. To those I added some already stir-fried ground turkey (just an ounce or so). When those were cooked (but not over-cooked) I poured in enough egg whites (from TJ's) to cover, then waited for that to solidify. I added some chili flakes to warm things up, and some pepper. And just a little fish sauce in place of salt. I then rolled up the scramble, cut it in two and placed it on halves of a round flat bread that I had toasted. Awesome!

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