Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CPAP Steady State

I just returned from a visit with my sleep doctor yesterday. He signed off until next mid-May. My usage has stabilized to the compliance level as I become accustomed  to the new full face mask. I feel very encouraged. I'm also getting used to the ResScan software and how to set up and interpret reports. I notice that last night I had virtually no apnea or near-apnea events. And today I feel quite rested. But I did notice that there were several events on the report of yesterday. This leads to the question of whether you can have these events if the CPAP is configured optimally. I'll be researching this.

In any case, the events were far smaller than the events during my sleep test. I said "14" to my doctor. He replied, "but 22 when you were sleeping on your back." I think the maximum number I have seen with the machine is 9 and they may in part be artifacts. I'm convinced the machine is preventing most of the events I remember hearing when my Dad was snoring in the Ozarks.

When the CPAP is functioning normally, the O2 levels don't drop below 90%. My Oximeter confirms this. This reassures me about losing neurons due to oxygen deprivation. The Snorelap app shows that I'm no longer snorking (the sound samples show this), but the decibel level of the CPAP is non-trivial. (The Darth Vader effect.) Still, this is a real improvement both sound-wise and health-wise.

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