Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Preliminary Results

My GP called with the results of the tests I took yesterday. Quick! Numbers are good, but liver enzymes are rising.

But first the results. Here is what I predicted:

"I'll take one a day [Niaspan]until my test next Tuesday. I'll also maintain the 1000 unit D and may intersperse 2.5 and 5 of the Crestor to see whether I get a good bump. Maybe overall Cholesterol around 150; HDL maybe 45; LDL maybe around 80 or less. That would be great. Triglycerides less than 125. An overall ratio of about 3.5 between Cholesterol and HDL. That would be better than the 5 or more I had last time."

Nailed the overall cholesterol which is 151!

HDL was 42 rather than 45, but that's good and my GP is fine with these numbers.

He didn't mention the LDL. I'd be surprised if it were much under 100. We'll see.

Triglyserides were right at 125 if I remember. Another "Nailed!"

Ratio: 3.59; Again, "Nailed!"

If the LDL comes in under 80 I will be within the OC Heart Institute specs and may actually have rolled back some plaque build up.

It's possible that the increase in liver enzymes was due to an increase in Crestor from 2.5 to 5 AND that Niaspan.

The plan is for me to alternate daily 2.5 and 5mg Crestor and then retest in a month. That would be after I get back from Africa. During that time I would NOT take Niaspan.

I'll continue 1,000 units of D daily; increaed on the 20.3 or so from 17. Need to get to 30. I'm not overdoing the D intake! :)  Maybe increase this dosage to two a day.....

I'll look for the LDL when I receive the hardcopy of the lab test results.

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