Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 11 Doctor Visit

Clean bill of health (except for a suggestion to lose 10-15 pounds). Tests scheduled for later this week and will include a metabolic panel, lipid profile (no VAP test though), PSA, Hemoglobin A1C, Vitamin D and a CBC (L) (which I haven't been following).

In terms of predictions, I think I'll have a lipid panel within 15% of my very good August tests. I'm doing the 4g Lovaza, 1 Trilipix, 2.5mg Crestor, Zetia, and 1 Niaspan daily. For the record, I'm also taking trandilopril, Q10, folic acid, melatonin, Vitamin D (2) and a baby aspirin daily.

The doctor did recommend a full body scan which includes a heart scan like the one I had done about two years ago. To this point he has resisted just the heart scan because of the radiation dose for no reason -- i.e., the results would not change the medication in any way, so what's the point? (Aside from the $300 for the test.)

I of course am interested in whether I've slowed or even reversed the plaque buildup. What puts all of this in play this time is that the full body scan reveals possible problems that aren't discovered through palpitation. The doctor was curious enough though about what he couldn't feel to recommend the full body scan. It's $650 but I'm interested in doing this sometime this year and it includes a follow-up heart scan. I may contact RCOG to check the radiation safety, which the scanning agency describes in terms the number of dental X-rays.

The doctor also reminded me of my yearly appoitment with my heart doctor, whom I will see in early February. He may recommend the thalium stress test which I'll decline if I'm going to do the full body scan. He will probably do a simple stress test, which is fine with me.

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