Friday, August 26, 2011

August, 2011 Predictions

Just had my blood work done at the Claremont Branch of Pomona Valley Hospital. They draw blood in the Occupational Medicine division there.

I've done pretty well keeping up with my Rx's. Averaged only 1 Niaspan however, but have done well on the rest. So this time I expect an HDL of maybe 41; Overall Cholesterol 140; LDL 75 (I hope); Triglycerides of 125 or below. All okay except for the HDL. To get it higher, I need to ramp up the Niaspan.

Last time with three Niaspan and 2.5mg Crestor, the LDL dropped to 69; Chl to 137 and HDL went up to 43. Triglycerides normal. These are diminishing returns, but important.

Today was a basic lipid profile. The best predictor though is relative size (buoyancy) of the lipids. You get this in the VAP tests. My Dr. will say that the response would be the same. Still, it might give me more incentive with the Niaspan.

Orange County Imaging sent me a note reminding me that this is the 18th month anniversary of my scan there and to follow up. That's another $300 but my Dr. doesn't want me to do it because of the radiation. Still, that could provide incentive, too.

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