Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 8 VAP Test: Preliminary Report

Darn! I've just barely held my own, but I haven't been able to increase my HDL much. Here are the most recent results:

  • Overall Cholesterol: 163
  • LDL: 96
  • HDL: 47
  • Triglycerides: 130

In March:

  • Overall Cholesterol: 145
  • LDL: 83
  • HDL: 46
  • Triglycerides: 91
There is obviously a "habituation" effect. I've upped the Niacin to over 1 500mg/day since March, often 2, but not 3. That's still a goal. Note increase in LDL from January of this year.

The LDL has gone up from the 77 when I started this regime then. It included Trilipix,for the first time, a key. Still one a day on that.

The HDL is a point higher at 47, which is high for me. Nowhere near the 60 recommended though. I will take 2 Niaspan (1,000mg)/day and if I tolerate it, I'll try for 3. That might get me to 50 which would be rewarding.

Triglycerides have moved slightly over normal (125) at 130, but much lower than in the past - 191 in March of last year.

I didn't get a chance to catch the "Pattern A/B" score on the phone. Will check that when I get a copy of the VAP results in the mail.

So "staying even" is a good summary. Maybe the Vitamin D can help, but I'm puzzled why there should be a deficiency, given the time I'm in the sun biking.

My cardio-vascular program has remained pretty much the same, a little under 100/miles/week, about 2,000-3,000 calories per week, sometimes a lot more.

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